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Simple Networks is based on the premise that the key media/telecom assets of today and for the foreseeable future are those that deliver high quality content and fast and reliable Internet connectivity at scale.  Using our years of experience and our contacts in the United States and Latin America, we are identifying those assets and adding value through our management expertise to help them grow.   

We are a diverse team of experienced professionals with many years of success managing both content and distribution.  We work with a variety of funding sources and we help them deploy capital and then manage those investments.  Current projects include wireless and fiber broadband development, PayTV channels, Over the Top (OTT) and sports media rights, and mobile phone applications.  

Founders Evan Grayer and Jason Markham met at DIRECTV Latin America where they each spent 10 years building new businesses in the region.  Grayer led DIRECTV’s connectivity initiatives, launching broadband networks serving residential customers across South America.  Markham managed DIRECTV's investments in content and programming, including Golf Channel Latin America and other cable channels in the region.  

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